Monday, July 09, 2007

I am sorry, Southern Norway

It's my fault the weather is so crappy, and for that I do apologize heartily.

See, for two years, as long as we have been in this flat, I resisted buying two things: a floor fan and a deck chair. I really wanted them both, but a floor fan is mostly only a summer thing (though it does get HOT in this flat in a heat wave) and a deck chair, for lounging, seemed so decadent, what with all the warnings about lying in the sun, etc.

But I found them both on sale and I bought them.

And it started raining the next day and hasn't stopped.

So, this is Mother Nature, Gaia, whatever, punishing me for my frivolity and certainty that the weather would indeed BE warm and sunny enough for me to use either item.

Maybe I should have bought wellies and a hooded rain jacket, and then we would have had sun.

I'm sorry. I should have thought this thing through before I did it. I forgot about my powers over weather and time.

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