Tuesday, July 31, 2007

good news, bad news and shitty news, in a bullet format

  • My trip to India is on hold. Fucking fuck.
  • I can't tell you how much that bums me out.
  • Instead they are bringing in some guy from India to our office to answer our questions.
  • As I have about 7,562 of them, I am going to keep him VERY busy.
  • In addition to being screwed out of my work trip to India (still a chance later in August, but somehow I think not) my work load for this newest India project has just increased three fold.
  • And no one seems to care.
  • And that pisses me off, because oh my holy hell, they just have NO idea what I went through on this LAST project with India, and I just can't even begin to imagine the horrors these Indian bureaucrats are going to put me through again this time, but it is SO MUCH WORSE than last time, I can already tell.

Pause while I get a beer, I am hyper ventilating from stress.

  • I am now drinking a beer.
  • Ok so, yeah, I'm stressed.
  • So that's the bad news and the shitty news.
  • On a happier note, I did book my trip back to the US in September for my parent's 40th anniversary.
  • Yes, I did just go there.
  • Because I thought I'd be going to India.
  • Dammit, I am pissed off again because I just remembered I am NOT going home for my Dad's birthday next week, as I had been told I was going to India. Fuck.
  • Ok, so, focusing on the positive, yes, going home to Mom and Dad's for the anniversary and my Mom's birthday.
  • Got a great deal on American Airlines.
  • I avoid CDG, Heathrow and Newark, so it seems like a decent flight plan.
  • I will drag my Mom to Target, TJ Maxx and out for chinese food.
  • Also am looking forward to our trip to Poland for my birthday.
  • And am also looking forward to a big gang of us going to Prague in October for a Pub Extension Trip.
  • And I think we are going for a ride on a vintage steam train this weekend.
  • Wheeee.....!!!!!!!!
  • And, today, because this is the sort of BADASS I am, I got me a ticket to see this band.
  • They are playing next week, here in Oslo.
  • Last time I saw them was 1990 in Austin.
  • I am very psyched.
  • Like, psyched enough that I am willing to put up with crowds of drunken Norwegian teenagers.
  • And I hope I still have some of my more alternative clothes, and that they fit.
  • Because, I am SO gonna rock out.
  • And this time I am getting a t shirt. I didn't get one last time because I was too poor.
  • Can anyone reading this get me in to meet Trent?

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