Thursday, September 01, 2005


Here is an article that gives direct evidence of the fact that money that is desperately needed in the US has been sent to support this stupid, pointless, idiotic war in Iraq.

Now I'm not saying that New Orleans wouldn't be in trouble if a hurricane hit it dead on. Obviously, being lower than sea level, they are in big trouble whenever a storm hits. But, this article points out that if Bush had not sent the money that was supposed to fix the levees to Iraq, maybe New Orleans would not be in such big trouble as it is now. From what I understand, the big problem now is the levees that are burst. Seems like things would be ok if that hadn't happened.

And of course, think of all the soldiers over in Iraq who could be helping with the efforts in Mississippi to ferret out the dead, rescue the living and help get things sorted out. One quarter of the national guard of Louisiana is in Iraq. They would normally be on home turf, helping the rescue missions.

Do we really need to keep saying, "Stop sending our money to Iraq! Keep our soldiers home! Focus on our home country!" Isn't this evidence enough that something is just not right?

But I'm not letting the rest of the world off the hook: Hey, World? This is our tsunami. America needs help. You guys coming to help, or what? I find it slightly ironic that America was blasted for not coming to the aid of tsunami victims, yet I am not really finding any evidence of other countries coming to our aid right now. The Queen of England has sent her usual, useless, message of condolence. Gee thanks, Queenie. How's about some soldiers or money? Blair? Buddy? You comin' or what?

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