Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's sooo OVER, ok?

Ladies around the world, this is a plea from me to you:


Seriously, yo, that tight jeans and cropped shirt thing is so over, it's like ancient history. Nobody wants to see your thong anymore! Norwegian girls? Y'all are hot, ok? No doubt about it. But even the skinniest of you looks REALLY BAD when your low rise jeans are so tight they are painted on, and then you have a skin tight t shirt over it that doesn't meet the top of your jeans. Yeah, even you, Size Zero, you just look like you have a gut. So stop it already.

There are some really cute options this season for changing out of your current hoochie look and going a bit more classy. Why don't you try it? I'll even help you. Really, I'm good at it. Let Aunt Karla help you cover your bum and belly, won't you? Nobody wants to do a Britney, ok?

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