Friday, September 09, 2005

I went for a walk today.

I got some cool new sneakers and decided to test them out on a walk today. (I also wanted to put my new camera through its paces).

Here's my new shoes (bought at 50% off!), they are Mephistos. I don't really like sneakers as a rule, but I needed some and these look really cool, don't they?:

It was a beautiful, cool sunny day and the sun sparkled through the trees:

My route took me past the church and the graveyard:

I carried on past the church down the country road lined with ancient trees:

Whenever you see trees lining a road like that it means it's an old settlement. I don't know why, but it always works. Along the way are old farms, barns and Viking burial mounds. This area has been farmed for 1000 years:

Sorry, I couldn't get a decent shot of the Viking mounds. With all the trees and foliage, they just look like piles of brush. I will wait until it gets cold and the leaves fall away.

That took me to another road that is completely canopied with trees. It's pretty narrow and cars have to pull over to let one another pass. This particular road also leads to one of the Norwegian royal family's country houses:

The sun was brilliant, but it wasn't too hot. There were some cool cloud formations:

And some really lovely views:

And the sunsets are really gorgeous this time of year too. Our new flat faces west, which is a nice change, so we get to see them all. The sky just bursts into flame over the hills:

I'm pretty pleased with the new camera. It's an Olympus Camedia C-770 Ultra-Zoom. It's got 10X zoom, 4megapixels, and more settings than I can learn about. It also has a cool "sports" setting so I can take 4 pictures within a second or something. I'm very happy with it. It also takes great night shots.

Tonight Rich and I are going to the litte "pub" around the corner (it's not very nice, but they have a very good "dagens rett" for about 99 nok, which is awful damn cheap for dinner here). The evenings are cooling off, so I need a sweater. It's down in the 40's at night and today the high was about 62 or so. Still warm enough to just wear a t-shirt once you get going.

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