Wednesday, August 31, 2005

None of these things relates to the other

But that's ok, I'm posting them anyhow.

This is the 25+ year old can of mushrooms I found at my grandmother's house. A remnant from the days they lived in Long Beach, Mississippi. In an ironic twist, the A&P where she bought them may well no longer exist, as I have a feeling it was washed out in Hurricane Katrina. The A&P (or whatever it is called now) was in Gulfport. Strange to think that these mushrooms might be the sole historical remnant of that whole store. I always knew my grandmother was ahead of her time. Historical remnant, yes indeed. Hear that Mom? It's historical remnants! Keep that fridge full! It'll be collectible some day!

This was a squirrel that was crashed out in my buddy Julia's backyard in Austin. It was a hot, lazy summer day in Texas, and I guess that squirrel just needed a nap. He slept where he fell.

That's me in my Cavalli dress I wore to the wedding in Austin. Yes it's low cut. It was a hot day, ok? It is a seriously comfortable dress. Kept me nice and cool.

I can hear a kid hollering like nobody's business down by the fountain. Note: To the child down in the plaza screaming your lungs out right now? SHUT UP!!!!!!!! Where the hell are your parents? Are you dying or something? Get that kid a cookie! Jeez.

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