Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Things I like about Norway.

I'm in one of my goofy blog post moods. **

Some fun translations of stuff I have come across recently:
  • Plantskole...(plant school) a plant nursery.
  • There's a compilation CD of 80's hair bands on sale that is called "Poodle Rock" (Pudelrock), apparently referring to the haircuts of said bands. Rich cracks up every time he sees that ad.
  • When you want to buy something to read at a newstand, you go to the section called "lesestoff" or "reading stuff".
Other things that make me happy in Norway:

  • There are some serious DILF's here, yo. (With apologies to hubby, I think we all know what a MILF is? Well, a DILF is a Dad I'd Like To...you know.) I see these guys all lookin' like Brad Pitt or Viggo Mortensen walking around pushing strollers and being all care-taking-y and shit. It is REALLY nice and goes a long way towards making me a happy gal. I mean, few things can melt a woman's heart quicker than a good looking man with a baby. (Unless the good looking man has his shirt off while holding the baby in his manly arms, while somehow simultaneously offering the woman chocolate and something small and golden in a pretty wrapped box. He may need a third arm to accomplish this, but, depending on the pecs, I'm willing to accept a few flaws.) Today I saw a guy, with his kid in a stroller (though in Norway these equate more to small yachts) and I swear, it was the cutest, most adorable, yet strangely horny-making thing I've ever seen. (Once again, Hubby, sorry. If you had a kid, I'd look at you the same, 'k? Preferably my kid, of course.)
  • Today's weather was pretty damned good. 75 degrees, a breeze, sun. I went on a walk and ended up at the Asker Church again. I saw a gravestone for a guy who was born in 1900 and died in 2005. He was just under 105 years old. Damn these Norwegians can live a long time! Most of the graves were for folks in their late 80's-90's. Is it the water?
  • And. of course, the water here. I know I have mentioned how good Norwegian water is, but it bears repeating. It's the best water in the world. It's like a never ending stream of Ozarka running straight out of my tap. I even get to bathe in it!
**Note to self: Drunk blogging. Hmm. Not such a great idea.

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