Monday, September 05, 2005

Too Much Bad

I don't know, y'all. I just don't think I can check in on the news anymore. It's all just so terrible. And it's not just New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Insurgents in Iraq. Plane crashes in Indonesia. Paris apartment fires. Hilary Duff rejecting Lindsay Lohan's peace offering.

It's just too much. I am going to retreat into books for a while, and just not be a part of the present world. Future blog posts probably won't talk about what's happening on the Gulf Coast. I'm not being insensitive, I just can't write about it anymore without getting confused (both morally and politcally) and saddened. And angry. Oh so angry.

Just do what you can to help, give money wherever you think it might help, (the Fug girls have a very good list of where you can send money) and think of all this when next it's your turn to vote.

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