Tuesday, September 20, 2005

five things

Kjersti tagged me...

5 years ago:
In rereading some old emails, apparently on this date 5 years ago I was eating lunch at a fancy restaurant in Austin and somehow, after eating, slipped on the floor of the restaurant, fell and sprained my ankle. Or, in my own words back then:

A couple of guys at the bar helped me up (and me, being my ornery self, was
busily letting fly every curse word known to human kind, thus not really
doing a good job at playing Damsel in Distress. Put it this way, if I were
Snow White and I just realized I had bitten into a poisoned apple, my last
waking word would have been "FUCK!" and I doubt the Prince would have come
for the likes of me!)

I am now at home busily castigating myself (no "castigating" means to "beat
oneself UP", not OFF...you dirty minded people) and hoping madly that we
have an Ace bandage around here somewhere.

5 songs I must dance to:
--"Fascination Street" The Cure
--"Closer" NIN (And raunchy dancing, too)
--"Music" Madonna
--"Kiss" Prince
--"Dirty Vegas" Dirty Vegas (Yes the whole album).

5 Snacks I enjoy:
-- Smack (These chocolate covered Bugle things, salty and sweet yum)
-- tortilla chips and salsa/guac/queso
-- popcorn with milk (Not in one bowl, but drink the milk while eating the popcorn)
-- fried shrimp
-- oreos

5 Things I'd do with $100 million dollars:
-- Buy a flat in London
-- Buy a loft in Austin
-- Buy my brother a house
-- Put money away so that I get at least a couple hundred thousand a year off the investments
-- Travel, give money to TARAL, fly my friends somewhere interesting once a year.

5 places I would run away to:

--The Maldives (never been there, but they look nice)
--if I had to stay within Norway... Bergen or Stavanger
--if I had unlimited money.... A really nice flat in London
--if I were taking Rich..Make him take me on a tour of Egypt and then go back to Morocco
--if I had to walk...to the train station, thence to the airport and off to Texas.

5 things I would never wear:
-- white belt
-- empire waisted dresses (look like shit on me)
-- that dress on that girl pictured below
-- an "elect George Bush" t-shirt
-- ponchos just don't work on me

5 favorite tv shows:
-- This one I just found called "So You Think You Can Dance?"
-- Six Feet Under
-- Mythbusters
-- Two and Half Men
-- Lost

5 greatest joys: in random order

-- Putting my cold feet on my warm husband
-- my morning mochachocolattayaya, which I am cutting back on because I have become a fat fucker
-- a long walk, when I am in the mood for it, on a gorgeous day
-- finding a really good bargain at Last Call
-- travelling and discovering a new place to fall in love with

5 favorite toys :
-- my laptop
-- my new digital camera
-- my car, which I am selling, sigh
-- is a bed a toy? I love my bed.
-- my whole collection of jewerly making stuff. Like the biggest most expensive toybox in the world.

I'm not tagging anyone. You may steal at will.....

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