Friday, September 16, 2005

Friends with cool jobs

I am one of those people who manages to have friends with cool jobs. I've always been lucky that way. Between the friends with cool jobs and the volunteering I've done in the US, it gets me in to do things I might not normally get to do.

One of my friends, Julia, works for A Big Record Label here in Norway. She was taking one of her artists to a radio show and met Eddie Izzard. She told him I'm a big fan. He gave her an autograph, signed to me. "To Karla, Love, Eddie Izzard". She has it but will give it to me soon.


But wait, it gets better.

My friend is also quite lovely, one of those women that men always want to do favors for. Tall, thin Texan.

So, Izzard's manager gives her his phone number and asks her if she and her friend (ME!ME!) might want to come to Eddie's show tomorrow night.

I just got back home from having a couple of beers, and got her message telling me this. Of course I called her back and said "Aw HELL yeah". Considering I went to Eddie's last show in Oslo and had an awesome time....why would I not want to go again? This time, with the possibility of going back stage?

My heart is totally thumping. I might get to meet Eddie Izzard.

Holy fucking crapping crapping crapness! What do I wear??!!??

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