Monday, September 19, 2005

If I wanted to I could have....

....met Eddie Izzard.

Just so you know.

Julia and I went to the show, and Eddie's manager created two seats for us. The show was completely, painfully sold out. PACKED. It was very nice of him to squeeze us in, and the staff there bent over backwards for us, once they saw we were VIP's. This was made more interesting by the fact that even the big Norwegian celebrities were being forced to pay for their tickets, and were quite annoyed by it. But us, thanks to the power of Julia in tight jeans and boots, we got in for free.

We even got some red carpet action! Of course, the red carpet was about 10 feet long, if that, but there was a (one) papparazzi there, and he was just as annoying as you would expect, pushing everyone aside to get shots of blonde people and some older guys with grey hair (politicians?) walking in. We had no idea who they were. But, neener neener, you guys had to pay for your tickets and WE DIDN'T!

Anyhow, we talked with Eddie's manager for a while, and dude, if it was not like falling directly into the movie "Spinal Tap" and talking to Artie Fufkin, (except with David St. Hubbin's accent) I don't know what. Seriously, that guy went to 11. Full stop. He was talkin' 90 to nothin', giving Julia a full accounting of his fiscal activities and side ventures, obviously feathering the nest so that the Texas hottie would fall right into his arms. I felt like Julia's doting auntie, there to protect her from the depredations of British husksters and the like. My favorite part was how he talked about being so unimpressed with celebrities, but dropping names right and left like he had to name every famous person he's ever met, because let's face it, the more famous names you drop, the hornier we women get!

Poor guy, it didn't work.

We saw the show, which was good but I felt not as good as when I went in March. It felt a bit like he was calling it in. Still hilarious, in bits, but nothing original from the last time. But you can tell, from what he talks about, that he is an incredibly well read person, and I would have liked to have talked to him about some of the stuff he riffed on. Especially when he talks about religion.

After the show, we went to thank his manager for getting us in, and he invited us to come play Texas Hold-Em (poker) back at Eddie's suite, after dinner. (They had a dinner with their promoter's company.) We would meet back with them in a few hours.

What would you have done? Would you have waited around, killed time drinking $10 beers until you could play poker, or would you have gone home and called it a night? Last train's at 1 am. It's 9:30 now.

Remember, you are 37 years old.

Yeah. Me too. I went home. So just remember: I could have met Eddie Izzard, if I wanted to. But I do have the autograph Julia got for me. So that's cool.

Oh and PS. I DID look fabulous, if I do say so myself.

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