Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Separated at Birth

Last night I finally got to see Napoleon Dynamite, a movie I have heard much about. I know I am a bit behind the pop culture trends, but it takes a while for things to get here, or I have to wait until they are out on DVD.

I noticed something rather humorous about this movie. Here's Napoleon:
Here's Rich, aged about 20:

Here's Napoleon:

Here's Rich, aged about 18:

I fucking married Napoleon Dynamite!

Until the mid to late 80's Rich had an afro, with literally the EXACT SAME HAIR as the guy in the movie. Rich had the SAME MOUTH, though after he had braces it changed a bit.

And get this, this is the part that cracks my ass up. Guess what Rich used to do as his hobby and "mad skill"? He drew mythical creatures, constantly. SERIOUSLY! We have sketchbooks full of his doodles!

I called Rich into the room when I was watching to movie, and asked him who Napoleon Dynamite looked like. He totally said "Oh holy shit, that's me when I was a teenager". When I told him that this character drew "mythical beasts" he totally did not believe me until I skipped back to the part where he drew the "liger" and showed him.

Can you fucking believe it? I hereby, due to incontrovertible evidence, introduce you to Napoleon Dynamite's lost twin Brother, Richard Dynamite:

Please note: Rich has been very kind about me poking a little fun at him like this. In reality, he is nothing like the character, except for the drawing and the odd resemblance when he was younger..... ok and the falling off the bike ramp. And he does like tater tots. Other than that, no resemblance any more. He's all growed up now. And my handsome husband.

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