Sunday, September 11, 2005


Well, that's three weekends in a row where I have had a hangover.

This tells me that summer is over and the social season has once again begun.

See, everyone here disappears over the summer and then once they get back, there is a rush of invitations from people desperate to re-connect with friends. I think it might also be a bit of a bid to escape from the kids, if everyone is honest. They need adult conversation.

Last night we went to Will and Mary's for dinner. They have a gorgeous house with amazing views of the fjord.(It's supposed to be an old house, but the Norwegian way is to renovate and remodel until you can't tell the age of the house anymore. This house is really nice, wood everywhere which gives it a cabin-like feel.) Mary cooked all sorts of yummy delicacies, from samosas to spring rolls and these really decadent bacon wrapped roasted potatoes that were a meal in themselves. We drank wine, ate and drank, drank some more, and then played Pictionary. As someone who cannot draw whatsoever, Pictionary kind of makes me want to crawl under a sofa and hide in terror, but everyone was pretty well soused. I figured that I would not draw any worse than anyone else, and even if I did fuck up, no one would remember it the next day. I only wish I had not drawn "babysitter" as my thing to draw, because my attempts at drawing a person sitting on a baby drew some rather lewd guesses.

Ah well, we had a great time and I think we all made a royal mess of their house. (Sorry Mary!) Will had some pretty kick ass music cranked up, and it's good to know that I am not the only one who likes music on the "fierce" side. I figure, if growing up means listening to boring easy listening music, then I want to be a kid forever. Give me NIN! Give me Marilyn Manson! Just don't give me Engelbert Humperdinck!

But I know I am not a kid anymore because oh holy shit, the hangovers are just getting stronger and longer lasting. Which means today was a very lazy day. Naps and coffee. I gave up at 7pm and had a glass of wine, for some hair of the dog. It was the last resort, the final attempt to make the headache go away. And it has mostly worked.


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