Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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It's too cold to be outside to do much touristy stuff because today it is snowing HARD. Pelting, blowing, icing, in-yo-face ice bits that manage to get into that tiny space between my hood and my glasses, thence directly into my eyes. Or down my neck. Brrr.

About all we can do is duck into a bar or cafe and eat or drink something. So I had a lovely jaegerschnitzel and spatzle for lunch, with a Paulaner hefeweizen dunkel and then a Saku Tume (a dark malty, slighlty smoky brew). Then we wandered out into the blizzardy weather, and after a few tumbles into various snowdrifts on admittedly beautiful cobbled (tho snow covered roads), retreated for Irish coffees at a cafe by the main square. Warmed up, then to the Christmas market where all was snow covered but genial.

More wandering and exploring, avoiding snow as much as possible (impossible) and bought a few gifties and souvenirs. Then we both had enough of the snow so back to the hotel to warm up.

Now we are deciding what to do next. Not terribly hungry, but don't want to just stay in the room. More drinking? Argh.

I'd go take pics but the snow aims right for my camera lens. And my eyes.

Another schnitzel and some more German beer might be a good idea. They had a nice fireplace!

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