Sunday, December 20, 2009

grrr. It's the little things that piss you off.

I lost my gloves. I had some nice, over the wrist leather gloves I bought in the US, and I swore to myself that THIS TIME I would NOT lose them, as I always do with gloves. THIS TIME I was going to be a grown up about it, and not lose them, and keep them for a long long time.
Apparently for me, a long time with gloves is a week. Shit. This is why I buy the three pack of cheap wool gloves at H&M and never buy expensive leather gloves. (Ditto sunglasses.)

More annoying:
I opened a frozen chicken with the plan of roasting it. I knew something might be wrong when it felt particularly bony in the (opaque) package. However, I have bought this brand before, so figured it would be ok.
Er..... no. Nasty scrawny assed, no meat bony bird WITH FEATHERS on parts of it. NASTY.
So bad there was no way I could do anything with it but make stock. I guess that's ok as Rich says he has a cold and has retreated to the bedroom in his jammies to disconsolately watch tv and mope. He can have chicken soup when the stock is done. I wasn't in the mood for soup, but I guess things change.

Most annoying:
I can't get a fire going. The wood is too cold and wet.

Completely annoying as hell:
How much a freaking tenderloin costs. Wow. I had no idea. I think they raised the price of larger cuts of meat and poultry just before Christmas because I can see a newer tag on the 1.85 kilo piece of New Zealand frozen filet mignon I bought. God let's hope I don't fuck it up when I cook it, or that is going to be one hell of an expensive mistake. I had to buy frozen as there were no larger cuts of beef available of any good quality. (Right now I SO miss the US. Scrawny chickens, overpriced hunks of meat, and I can't find molasses ANYWHERE.)

So annoying I want to kill:
STFU YOU NOISY GODDAMN NEIGHBORS! The people upstairs are on a noise safari today. Hammering, hollering, stomping, and rolling something around on the floor for hours. The worst part is that they make noise 24 hours....they are especially lively around 4am. I HATE them. They were yelling at each other above our kitchen today and I lost it and yelled at them to shut the fuck up....I think they heard me because the noise abated for a 1/2 a minute. I guess I will have to fight fire with fire. And...I think they are cooking stinking fish and cabbage again. HATE THEM.

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