Wednesday, December 09, 2009

...but i forget, you might be interested in other stuff, like Obama coming to Oslo

So, President Obama will be in Oslo tomorrow. The whole city is gonna be shut down. I know a bunch of people who are not gonna make it to work because of the trains and trams being shut down. The whole center of Oslo is under lock down.

I live not far from the American Embassy, which is, as you may know, a total eyesore on the face of Oslo (which is not that pretty of a city when compared to the rest of Europe, all told.) Tomorrow will basically just be an extension of the bullshit that you go through with the American Embassy.

However, because I am a glutton for punishment, I am going to try to join the traditional annual Nobel Torchlight Parade. Every year on December 10th, a bunch of people gather to walk from Youngstorget (a square not far away) to the Grand Hotel, where the Peace Prize winner comes out on a balcony and waves to the crowd. I've gone on a few of them, most notably Jimmy Carter's. (Mostly memorable because that was when a society lady in her mink standing next to me had her hair catch on fire from a candle. I put it out, though she didn't understand, at first, why I was beating her on the head. She was getting mad at me, then I yelled FIRE and she caught on. Her hair smoked for about 20 minutes afterwards. She had one of those high boufy older lady hairdos that uses lots of hairspray, which is why it caught fire so easily I think.) This year might be a bit hairy though (no pun intended), with protesters and pepper spray and what have you. At the first sign of overcrowding or chemicals, I am OUT of there.

I don't know if I will get any pictures but will try.

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