Wednesday, December 16, 2009

nipples frozen off

Damn it's getting cold. Some sort of Ice Age thingy is settling over Europe, and, Norway being northier than the rest of the continent, is gonna be DAMN cold.

Tomorrow? High of somewhere around 10 degrees. FAHRENHEIT.

I better wear the padded bra to protect the pink parts. I skated across the street tonight in my Doc Martens. I didn't mean to skate, by the way. It just happened. That ice is slippery.

In other news, all sorts of madness happening at work. Looks like I will be in a new position once the new year starts. How the hell did THAT happen? You think you are on one path and then, woosh, you change track and go down another one. I am actually quite psyched about it. New responsibilities, interesting stuff to do, I'll be in the center of it all and I still get to work with great people. Seems a win win to me. I'm very lucky in that I actually come home from work quite frequently jazzed and upbeat. I feel respected and appreciated there. If you've known me in the past, you will know that that is NOT something I am used to, so I feel oh so very grateful.

Maybe getting older has mellowed me a bit? Who knows.

Did I mention...COLD. COOOLLD!

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