Friday, January 01, 2010

2009, you were a decent year.

2009 was a decent year for me. Here's a list of stuff I did, not comprehensive but a good outline:
  • Started 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand, having just been to Bali, Cambodia, Malaysia and Java.
  • Went to the US twice (at Easter and at Thanksgiving.)
  • Went to Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, London, Aberdeen and Tallinn.
  • Went to Bodø (for work) and the Sjøa valley, and some other beautiful Norwegian places.
  • Went white water rafting in Sjøa. Faced fears.
  • Project managed a project at work. Faced fears.
  • Learned how to cross country ski (mostly, thanks to patient friends). Faced fears.
  • Sang karaoke. Oh shit did I face fears.
  • Remembered how much I love Austin.
  • Learned the Oslo tram system and am now also rather good with busses. Busses, as you know, not being my favorite thing.
  • Got offered a new job at the very tail end of the year, accepted, and was all sorted in a week from start to finish.
  • Moved twice, first into temporary apartment while old apartment was being 'reworked', and then moved for real to the gorgeous new apartment in Oslo when our old landlord kicked us out.
  • June and July kind of sucked as there were some stressful things going on. But we managed to pull through and I think we are gonna be ok.
  • Got a year older, a year goofier and a year more fearless.
In 2010 I think I am going to post more pictures on this blog. I realized I still haven't posted any photos from our big trip to SE Asia LAST Christmas, and that I have tons of stuff that I want to show off. Y'all cool with pictures? I'll still post stories as they come to me, of course.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2010 be a "10".

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