Thursday, December 10, 2009


OK guys, I'm going in. Going in for the Torchlight Parade. I wish I fucking had access to Twitter (HELLO TWITTER YOU HEAR ME? WHY WON'T YOU ACCEPT MY MOBILE NUMBER ANYMORE???). I had lots of reports this hovering over my neighborhood, big throaty military helicopters. All hovering over the Nobel Institute, which is apparently a lot closer to my apartment than I thought. And I couldn't Tweet any of it.

Also? Snipers. snipers all over the place in Oslo to protect the Prez. Yeah, I am going out where I might get sniped. There might also be tear gas and the cops have guns today. And there will be protesters, too. And here we come, little happy paraders, singing our little happy parade songs. (Yes, the parade sings a song to the Nobel winner. Sweet, no?

I'm bringing my camera and my cell phone and a hat and some cash. No bag, in case they want to search me or something. I'll try to send pictures of the mayhem from my cell as it goes on.

Wish me tweet-free luck.


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