Thursday, December 03, 2009

The record stands

I have never, not once, had a flight out of Springfield airport be on time. Unfortunately, the lateness is usually quite large, at least an hour.

Today is no different.

I think the only reason I don't complain as loudly here as I would at other airports is that there is free wifi at SGF....which helps make the time pass.

It'll be a bit dicey for my connection in Dallas...and I have lost my window for Mexican food, which I was going to get at that airport.

I am traveling again. Hello world. I've bust out of the coccoon of relaxation.

UPDATE, one hour later.
So now the flight is over an hour and a half late. They won't rebook me on a new, later connecting flight as I haven't missed the connection yet. They want to make me run for the BA flight first before they'd consider rebooking me on an American flight in a class I paid for! (I fly economy extra on BA which translates to business on AA. But they don't want to waste that seat on someone like me.) Cocksuckers!

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