Friday, December 04, 2009

Always a 'no' unless you ask

My strictest life rule is that you always get a no for an answer, unless you ask otherwise. So why not ask for what you want? The worse that happens is that you end up where you started. The best is, say, an upgrade to business class on your long haul flight from Dallas to London.


That will be the third time I have flown business this year. I could REALLY get used to that. It makes it so that I am not completely useless when I get to my destination. And it helps the jet lag go away faster.

Plus? I got to see two movies I have been DYING to see: "The September Issue" and "Up". I didn't get to finish "Up" but it sure had me crying for the first half hour or so. I need to get it for Rich and I to watch. The "September Issue" was total fashion geek out...loved loved loved it.

Plus? Champagne, Kir Royales, tuna tartare, wild mushroom rigatoni in a fresh tomato sauce, red wine, white wine, truffles, fresh fruit, hot towels for my face and hands, a lie flat bed (I actually slept!), access to the lounge at Heathrow with free cappucinos, breakfast, drinks and wifi. Not to mention no additional fees for luggage and use of the Fast Track line at security. That flight went all too fast, I could have hung out a bit longer. Compare that to the ENDLESS flight to Houston on the way out. Argh.

I'm sort of thinking that maybe it ends up being cheaper to fly business (if you get it on sale) when you factor in the cost of all the freebies. Especially the luggage. Hmm... I wonder if they have showers here? I could use one.

So now I am waiting for the last flight of the adventure, the one back to Oslo. I'm told it is snowing and very VERY cold there right now. As it will be for the next 5 months.

I'm glad I had this time away to look back on in the cold days ahead.

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