Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Last day in the US

I go back to Norway tomorrow.

This last day of a long visit is always a bit melancholy. I have to face the packing....oy the packing!... and tie up all those last bits and bobs that need tying. Mom always plans a last minute visit with some of her friends to 'show me off' to them. They have a deal that when one of their kids comes in to town, they always have to bring the kids around to show off to other members of their little offspring show and tell group. (Note. By 'kids' I mean grown ups in their 40's and up...but I guess we are kids to our parents and always will be.) Usually Mom likes me to dress up but I am too damned cold right now for got chilly here in the country. I might have to do a last minute run to Malwart for a few foodie things I want to bring back. (Pillsbury cookie dough and cinnamon rolls! Even though they do explode in my suitcase, if one makes it, I am happy.) Another part of me says, "Fuck it. You can always figure out a substitute in Norway. Once you start seeing all the things you can't have in Norway, you just always get upset." Oh for some goddamned Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage in Norway!

Yesterday Mom and I had our Mother Daughter day in Springfield. We have a routine...we hit some shops, have lunch, get a Starbucks. These are all things Mom never gets to do as usually Dad is with her when she goes to town. Dad is not known for patience with shopping or looking around. (What man is?) So it's nice for Mom to get to have some girl time, and I get to spend time with her, so win win! I've showed her, also, the virtues of Target over Walmart. She's a big Target fan now...unfortunately they only have Walmart where they live. But when she goes to the big city, she too, can wander the aisles of Target and fill up her red basket to her heart's content.

I went back to Banana Republic and bought some more of their awesome costume jewelry. My fashion tip for you, right now? Check out BR's jewelry! They have some very gorgeous, funky, vintage inspired pieces that are These things are instant collectibles. I bought a necklace there that literally stopped people in their tracks when I wore it. It looks like 5 vintage rhinestone brooches attached as a is sparkly as all get out and amazing. Even MEN noticed it (and they noticed it independent of my cleavage...I swear!) I could make a necklace like that, of course, but this one is so much fun, why take all my grandmother's stuff apart when this one is ready to go? Of course, all this bling must fit in the luggage somewhere, right now I am thinking carry on.

This trip was all about restoration. I knew I was stressed. I knew I was worn out and a bit demoralized. I knew I needed a holiday from EVERYTHING. I knew I needed to get away from my job, Norway and my daily life for a while. I needed to remind myself about who I am and what I enjoy doing, independent of anyone else. What I didn't realize was just HOW stressed and burnt out I was until... I wasn't anymore. I actually feel rejuvenated. I feel refreshed. I can go back to Norway, enjoy my job again, enjoy my friends and my husband again, and feel grateful for what I have and my expat life, knowing that here in the US I have family and friends who will always have my back and will be there for me. I'm so fucking lucky.

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