Sunday, December 13, 2009

farts fashion and the Nobel


Had our office Christmas party on Friday night. It always makes me laugh, Norwegian office parties. I mean, the people I work with are SO intelligent. Very well versed in their fields, very well educated and professional. Great people to have on your team.

When we have an office party? 13 year olds. We all regress to junior high. Somebody tapes a fart machine under a chair and sets it off during a dinner speech. We titter like 12 year olds in church. There's teasing and ass slapping and fart machines and dancing and inappropriate jokes. Suddenly these Captains of Industry are wearing silly wigs and Afrauxs and goofy hats and giggling at boob jokes. Oddly enough, we get a lot of business done too. We let loose enough to discuss things that might be harder to talk about on a day to day basis, but still need addressing. I swear, going out drinking with my co-workers has really been the thing that has opened a lot of doors for me and gotten a lot of things sorted. Interesting how things like that work out.


I found time to check out the Jimmy Choo and Sonia Rykiel collections at H&M. I heard that people lined up for hours in the US and UK to get into the Jimmy Choo collection and practically fought over the shoes and stuff. Well, those people should come to Norway because there's plenty of it left. The flat shoes and the bags sold out, but there's tons of the suede clothes (they are sized really small and only go up to 42) and the high heels left. Maybe because it's, like, below freezing outside and the idea of wearing 5 inch heeled sandals is ludicrous? However, I got a sequined dolman sleeved dress and a cool pair of lizard-print shoe boots with sparkles on them. The shoes are a bit funky, but fun. They've dropped the prices over the past few days, quietly, because people were balking at the cost, which was really a bit too high even for a special collection. It IS just H&M after all. So I timed it just right, didn't have to wait in line AND got it at a discount.

I wore the sequined dress to the office party. The only thing about it is that there is a slit in the front, that, well, it goes all the way up to the hoo-ha, so there is no way it can be worn as a dress. It has to be worn over pants. It looked good as a tunic over skinny black pants, though. The dolman sleeve thing is something I remember very well from the 80's.

With the dress, which is pretty low cut, I wore a black balconette bra from the Rykiel collection. (I might have precipitated some of the boob jokes at the office party, the bra is very effective.)


The Nobel parade was intense. When I went and saw Jimmy Carter, there were maybe 300 people? On Thursday is was 10,000. It was so crowded that I tried to take a picture with the camera above my head and I couldn't put my arms back afterward. I also, unfortunately, dropped my camera. It still works, but the lens cover is stuck in the open position. The pictures didn't turn out too well as I was trying to walk and take pictures at night....movement doesn't help a night picture. Nor do jostling crowds. Anyhow, I was just glad to get out of that crowd. The nachos and beer at the Hard Rock afterwards was a nice bonus.

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