Friday, December 18, 2009

clicking my heels as hard as i can....

Well, I'm not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. I click my heels for home and warmth, but then I hear that it is just as cold in Kansas, and we all know that clicking of heels leads there, so what is the point?

Clicking aborted. No more clicking. I want out of the cold, not back in it in the middle of America.

DAMN it's cold. Some areas around here are minus 0 fahrenheit. It's BRUTAL out there. I'm not going out unless it's stricly necessary.

So, on to other things.

I sent out an email at work earlier this week, to a few girls, telling them to wear red to work on Friday...just for fun. And don't tell any men, but just wear red....and to spread the word at will to the other gals.

The power of the female network? EVERY woman in my office wore red today. The guys actually noticed...I was impressed. And I was so happy to see the female solidarity. That's just AWESOME.

I'm feeling very karmically in tune with things right now. I have been on a high this week, I felt powerful and very take charge. I got things done before people asked for them, wheeled and dealed and put ideas in ears, and found ways around obstacles like nobody's business. I wish every week was like this one.

But they aren't and I will just have to remember how I felt THIS week when the next bad week happens.

So now I am in front of the fire, eating a home made mushroom-onion-'italian' sausage pizza (we are out of frozen pizzas, I'm hungry, it's too damn cold to go outside and it literally takes 10 extra minutes to just make one from scratch anyhow). SYTYCD is on, the Christmas tree is lit, I am warm. I forgot to get wine, but cherry vodka seems an ok, if somewhat breathtaking, alternative. Later, a bath. A bubbly hot bath.

Life is ok today. OK indeed.

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