Friday, December 18, 2009

Comments problem

Well hell, y'all.

I just got an upsetting email from Haloscan, who I have used from inception for commenting on this blog. I liked that it was a separate, customizable pop up window and that I could moderate comments, there being trolls and nasty people out there in this world. It's been a fairly reliable useful service for over 5 years now.

Haloscan has been bought out/destroyed/eaten by something called Echo and won't be around anymore. So I have two 'choices': Move/migrate my comments elsewhere or pay $10 a year for a service I know nothing about. And this is being called an 'upgrade'. An UPGRADE is when you get something MORE for your money...not paying for something you always got for free, know nothing about its replacement and NOT getting anything extra out of it. And I have two weeks from today to do it.

I guess I will just move everything back over the Blogger. It's not the money that bothers me, it's the way they are forcing it like this and calling it an 'upgrade'. Also there is no explanation on the site to help you choose one way or the other....which would be nice, if maybe I got an idea of what the new service would be like before I move to it? Nope...just two buttons, one for migrate and one for 'upgrade' (my ass).

UPDATE: Dammit! It's impossible to transfer old comments to blogger from haloscan. So I either lose all of the wonderful comments I have had for FIVE YEARS or I have to pay these bastards for a format I don't know, don't want and doesn't work as well as what I had!

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