Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Word d'Oh!

Best Feeling in the World:

Jamming to your iPod, walking down a secluded bridle path in the middle of a gorgeous Norwegian meadow on a (chilly) spring day. No one can see you, you are warmed up from your exercise, and Cameo's immaculate jam "Word Up" comes on to play. What do you do? You throw down with your best fashion gal cat walk dance-o-rama, groovin' and shakin' for all it's worth, singin' like the Beyonce you know you are, but keep hidden from the rest of the world. You are Stealth Beyonce, after all, you don't want to make the world jealous by flaunting your brilliance. WORD UP! IT'S THE CODE WORD! NO MATTER HOW YOU SAY IT YOU KNOW THAT YOU'LL BE HEARD! WOO!.

Ah, but this being my life, Best Feeling in the World is rapidly followed by...

Worst Feeling In the World:

When in the midst of your jam and your best completely raunchy booty shake, a group of bike riders comes wooshing by you from behind, you having not seen nor heard them due to your closed eyes and cranked iPod. They give you the thumbs up and a couple of "Woo woo's!" in the manner of "Jam on, crazy old lady!".

Why oh why can't I ever just be cool?

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