Friday, May 19, 2006

I been tagged.

1. What's in the glove box of your car?
I don't own a car at present. I do have a box of gloves though.

2. Favorite classes in college (or high school):
I took an independent studies course with one professor, Michael Adams, that sort of changed my life and the way I think. It was about the history of Western thought and Christianity. Think "Da Vinci Code" for everything you ever believed in.. Yeah, heavy shit.

3. Shampoo brand:
I've got about 30 bottles...mostly of the anti-frizz variety. I am a product whore.

4. Favorite piece of furniture you own: My dresser. It's huge, oversized and black. But not bad 80's black, more distressed old farmhouse black.

5. Idea of a really good first date: I never really had one. My dating history sort of blows.

6. Favorite fruit: Raspberries. Just the idea of them makes my mouth water.

7. Pick a passage from a favorite book:
Kettle, plug, fridge, milk, coffee. Yawn.
The word bulldozer wandered through his mind for a moment in search of something to connect with.
The bulldozer outside the kitchen window was quite a big one.
He stared at it.
"Yellow," he thought, and stomped off back to his bedroom to get dressed.
That's my favorite, ever, and if you know what it's from you get total geek points. Sometimes I just think yellow, even now.

8. What would you eat for dinner if it were your last night on earth? Shiner Bock battered mushrooms and a sirloin steak from Austin Land and Cattle.

9. Free Will or Destiny: free will baby. destiny? pah.

10. What would you sing at karaoke? Tainted Love. Did it once, I sucked HARD.

11. Sweater or Sweatshirt? Sweater.. sweatshirts make me feel frowsy.

12. Paris, NYC, Tokyo, or Rio de Janeiro? London.
13. What do you wear to bed usually? whatever's on the floor that looks comfy.

14. If you dyed your hair, what colour would you dye it? I am disaster child when it comes to hair color. I quit.

15. If you went back to school, what would you study? Bidness. And multi-media art. or creative writing.

16. Gum or mints? Mints. Gum smackers make me want to MURDER so I refuse to join them.

17. Recurring nightmares? losing my teeth. Hate that one.

18. Age & location of first kiss?. 6th grade. Spin the Bottle. 7 minutes in heaven with a boy named John. I freaked out. Did not kiss again for four years, but advanced my knowledge rapidly once I started up again. (Mom don't read this.)

19. Describe your favourite pair of shoes: Bar none my Lucchese boots.
20. What movie/tv character do you feel like you relate to most? John Cusack in Grosse Point Blank. "I have a certain moral flexibility".

21. First CD purchase:Robert Plant, Principle of Moments. '86?

22. First concert: Quiet Riot. Hey, I was 14.

23. Do you like camping? Hell no. If there is not a flushing toilet I don't sleep there.

24. If you were doomed to be mauled to death by an animal, what animal would you prefer that to be? A six week old German shepherd puppy. Barring that, a butterfly. A small one.

25. Do you/would you own a gun? Nope. I'm a good shot, but I don't want to own one. Ever.

26. What religion would you like to know more about: Wicca, Buddhism.

27. Favourite food as a kid: Chicken noodle soup.

28. How many languages do you speak? English. Reading and understanding of German and Norske. Some spanish, could get good at it again with practice.

29. If you were a natural disaster, would you be a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake? I'm sort of a tornado already.

30. If you could make one state in the US just go away, which state would that be? Right now I am really pissed at South Dakota.

31. How many prescriptions do you take? zip. zero. nada. healthy as a damned horse.

32. Lake or Ocean? (How much longer is this thing?) Fjord.

33. What is the worst lie you've ever told to get out of work, (and don't say you've never lied to get out of work, because that my friend is a lie and you know it)? It's not mine, actually, but once my brother called in to work the day he left Texas to come visit me in Norway saying that I had been in a car wreck and he had to come help me out. Talk about ballsy. That one was the best ever. He was here for two weeks! Apparently I was hurt bad. He called work after the first week to say he'd be gone another week. That is one way to get your two week vacation.....

34. Do you carry a backpack, a satchel or "man bag", tote bag, brief case, or a backpack on wheels? I actually like man bags. I refer bags that go across the body. More comfortable. Otherwise I carry a tiny Coach wristlet. (Boys, you will just have to look that one up.)

35. Have you ever been arrested/cited for anything other than traffic violations? Yes.

36. Would you ever consider spending some time at a nudist colony? Sure. Why not? I look pretty good nekkid.

39. Best thing you can cook? It's all good. My brother requests my tortilla soup and I make kick ass quesadillas too.

40. If you were going to donate 1000 dollars to a charity, what would that be? I've donated money over time anyhow but would continue on with something to do with women's issues, like TARAL or Planned Parenthood.

I'm not tagging anyone, feel free to self tag. (Tagsturbate?)

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