Monday, May 01, 2006

three. friggin'. days.

Today is a holiday weekend in Norway. Labor Day, May 1.

And it has rained the whole time.

Sum total of my accomplishments is making veggie quesadillas (none with Jesus on them, though one resembled Mickey Mouse quite closely), a couple of necklaces for Mother's Day (any mothers related to me who are reading this blog, um, those necklaces are for other mothers, not you, so pretend you did not read that, 'k?) and watching Buffy, Season 7, which I was saving for when I got back from Thailand. Saving, ironically enough, for a rainy day.

That was "A" rainy day, ONE! Not THREE! And this is supposed to last through Thursday.


Anyhow, I am low enery and not feeling very bloggy. Which is good as this holiday is all about NOT working and having a day of rest. So I have an excuse to be lazy. Finally.

I have posted a couple of pictures on the Big Head Blog, though, so go over there for photo jollies, ok? I'll get going again later.


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