Sunday, May 07, 2006

Behind the times

My friend Margaret gave me the Season 1 DVD of Veronica Mars when I was in the States in January. She's kind of my tv guru, having introduced me to Buffy, Angel and that wacky gang from Serenity. She gave me the Veronica Mars DVD as a "long term loan", so that i can get it back to her eventually, but she knows me well enough that I will probably keep it and just buy her another one. I have just now, 4 months after she gave it to me, gotten around to watching it.

DAMN YOU MARGARET! It's a gorgeous gorgeous spring day in Norway, and I am stuck here, inside, in my jammies, on a Sunday when I should be out walking, watching this damned DVD because I just saw the episode where Veronica talks to the guy in prison and he tells her that her father may not be her father and that her ex boyfreind Duncan might be her half brother (!!!#$%!!!) and OMFG I have to see what happens now and I soooo can't go anywhere until I know what's next.

And I am supposed to be outside exercising so that I can lose weight for my high school reunion! But I'm not, I'm sitting on my butt, and it's all Margaret's fault for getting me addicted to yet ANOTHER tv show on DVD.
Margaret, I swear, I am taking you out for margaritas when I next see you in Austin and I am gettting you drunk on tequila and fat on nachos and THEN we'll see who's sorrry, huh? HUH? How ya like me now, beeyotch?

Yes, I know I am like, a year behind on Veronica Mars. Whatever. I do know, from Dave's blog, that something happens with her and, for real? Oh my God! I thought he was like, a psychopath jerk from heck. Though, now that Duncan might be her brother and all, so that would be kind of gross if she and he did get back together after all.

I totally can't stand this. It's almost worse than that time that Buffy was all killing Angel and stuff.....

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