Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things I Will Never Understand...up soapbox! Up!

American Idol. I've never seen it and I just don't get why it is considered so powerful.

Religious wars. I always thought religion was supposed to unify.

Lutefisk. Sorry, try as I might...?????

People who talk loudly in movies. (Like last night, when watching "Da Vinci Code". You, the folks next to me? SHUT THE FUCK UP.)

People who can't say "please", "thank you" or acknowledge the existence of others in a crowded situation. Yes, I exist and sorry, you can't just walk through me.

Vin Diesel.

Gin. It just hurts me badly.

Americans being upset about $3 a gallon gas when your average European is paying around $7. Sorry, guys, buy smaller cars and support the car makers that build you interesting things that are sensible. Lots of cool cars are made here in Europe that aren't allowed to be imported to the US for really daft reasons.

Gay bashers. Live and let live!

Benicio Del Toro.

Why women, half the world's population, allow the other half to regulate us. Why is it that women are, for example, mistreated in Africa, subjugated in some Muslim areas, slyly regulated in America and objectified elsewhere? If we all stood up and really fought, we wouldn't have to take that shit anymore.

Mariah Carey.

Paris Hilton. (God she's horrible.)

MySpace. Why? (Or is this a generation gap thing?)

People who smack their gum.

People who don't communicate clearly what they want and then wonder why they don't get it.

Why I, on the first sunny day in 10 days, am inside writing this when I should be outside in the sun. Even if it is chilly out there.....


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