Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why I love Bookhart

Sometimes your friends? You just wonder how you could ever live without them.

Like this little exchange:

I was commiserating with Malcontent Mama about a bad day she's had and mentioned a little phrase my Dad always says, "Some days chickens, some days feathers".

Bookhart responds:

"I love that--some days chickens, some days feathers.

Make a boa out of your feathers, for the chickens will no doubt return."

Damn that's awesome! Totally fabulous, and guess what? I HAVE a boa. Natch!

And Karla May, I love that you got my back for me, as well. Issue resolved, that you emailed me about, and all is well. I hope you get your Mom feathers into a boa, asap.

I seriously, have the best friends in the world. And don't think I don't thank God, Buddha, Mohammed or whoever about it EVERY DAMNED DAY!

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