Thursday, May 11, 2006

In which I prove I am an idiot of the first order

Oh. Shit.

I'm sitting here in my bathrobe, with a towel wrapped around my head. A towel I may never take off. Ever.

You see, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight my hair today. "It's summer!", I told my self. "What better time to give yourself blonde highlights than a beautiful summer day in Norway? All the Norwegians have them, and the blonde might hide some of the grey you've got. So yeah, it's highlight day today! Go Karla! You are so smart by doing it at home and saving the $100 it would cost at the salon!"

So I went at my lovely red hair like a comb wielding banshee. I used a kit I got in the US last time I was there. (Norwegian kits come with the instructions in Norwegian. I'm sure I could be fine, but I prefer to do it in English so that when I am squinting confusedly at the instructions with goop in my hair and latex gloves on my hands I don't have to do the added thought process of thinking in Norske. ) I planned exactly where I wanted the streaks, and, having been told that with curly hair they should be a little bolder and wider, I went for BOLD.

Um, have I neglected to mention that when it comes to hair I am a rank idiot? I mean, I can't even hold a curling iron. Blow drying my hair means I turn my head upside down, blow the hair dry, stand up and whatever frizzy halo I end up with, I push back and go on with my day. I use goop and gels, of course, but I am TERRIBLE at styling my hair and always have been. Which means it's good that I have a curly mop, because it always looks the a curly mop.

But now, my curly red mop is sort of, um, a calico orange blobbed curly mop. What I saw of it. I got out of the shower, looked at the results of my handiwork, screamed, and wrapped it in a towel. I didn't even have my glasses on and I could see how bad it looks. That's BAD, because I am BLIND.

I look like a calico cat. My highlights are LARGE ORANGE BLOBS. ORANGE. BLOBS. And the grey? Still there.

I'm scared to take the towel off. I don't want to look.

This may well be my first true hair disaster.

Damn me and my clever ideas.

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