Sunday, May 21, 2006

Quit reading so loud

Shhhh. Quit reading so loud. No really, it just hurts. It all hurts. ow. ow. ow. I have to whisper just so I don't give myself a worse headache when I hear myself speak.

Ow. I just moved. Ow. This computer is too loud. ow.
Maybe if I type smaller it won't hurt so much.

Last night was fun. At least, what I remember was fun. I think the Finnish band won, which is SILLY because, hello? Gimmick!!!!!! (Ow. Exclamation points hurt. Note to self to not write so loudly. Ow.)

The Finnish band won, the Germans didn't and while i didn't really think they had a chance I was really rooting for Lithuania. I mean they named their song "We are the Winners (of the Eurovision Contest)". And they had this funny bald guy who danced like a total geek frat boy spaz, which reminded me of every guy I ever saw dance in college.

Ow. Even my fingers hurt. Ow.

Many randy comments flew about as the contest progressed. My favorites were by Lesley, who in her crisp, posh British accent quipped madly about exposed crotches, long legs and Shakira wanna be's. Grant also came up with a doozy, when commenting on the singer from Croatia. She was wearing a red....thing....cut up to
there. Grant said (use your best thick Scottish burr here) "She's wearing an airline skirt." I said "A-line?" He said "No. AIRLINE. You can see all the way to her cockpit." Ba DUM bum.

The worst act of the night for me, bar none, was the Spanish one. I don't know WHAT they were thinking, but their act encompassed more leggy women who rolled around the stage on office chairs (red to match their outfits, natch) and sang something about "Duty Free". I don't know why duty free was such a good thing to sing so enthusiastically about , but boy they sure were strident about it. "DOOTY FREEE! DOOTY FREEE!!!! DOOOOTYYYYY FREE!!!"

We ate all the chili I made, the Tollhouse cookies made from horded chocolate chips were a hit and we emptied many bottles of wine. And beer. The last guest left at 2am. In old folks time, which is the time i live in now, that is really late.

We got up at 10 this morning and the only thing I could think of was breakfast tacos and a big ol' coke. That patently NOT being a possibility here (God I'd KILL for some Jimmy Dean sausage) I made a breakfast casserole from a recipe by Rich's sister that encompasses the majority of the hangover foods I need: eggs, cheese, bacon and something starchy (croutons, in this case). Throw them all in a large casserole dish and bake for an hour, and serve with ketchup (yes, I am a ketchup on the eggs kinda gal) and it's almost like being home. We even had some Coke leftover from last night. I think of it as the Cholesterol Casserole with a sugar and caffeine chaser.

I managed to stay up for all of three hours before going back to bed for a 4 hour nap.

Man, remember when you were in college and a hangover would last a couple hours and even then an aspirin and some water would largely take care of it? Now, it takes me two days to recover. Even with the casserole.

Ow. I might have to have some hair of the dog......Ow. Can someone turn down the birds? They are hurting my squishy head.

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