Friday, June 02, 2006


(Mmm...Mint Milanos. DAMN this diet. Any word you say lately makes me think of a food that I like. And that I probably miss. It's kind of sucking. However, I am NOT the sort of dieter who denies myself everything and can only have three carrots and an egg white a day. It's all about moderation. Basically, what works for me is just cut the calories, but how you get those calories is up to you. Thus, if I want that bowl of Fruit Loops, I am gonna have it. Just skip the mocha instead. Have lettuce instead of that tortilla. You know the drill.

Um...this was not what I was going to write about, however. Not at all. So shut me up on all this diet shit, which is boring anyhow, and move the fuck on...oh, but my friend Mary did tell me yesterday my face was looking thinner, so maybe I've lost a few ounces?

We're going to Milano! (cookies) (damn)

Ok, so I have my wardrobe all planned for Milan. I'm going with a brown and white with silver theme. I did need to buy one pair of shoes to make it totally work (and DAMN I wish I had gotten that cute white and brown Coach purse I saw at the outlets in San Marcos last would have worked perfectly with all this stuff. It was really, REALLY on sale and I loved it, but didn't get it. Foot, meet Ass. Kick at will.) The shoes I got are white Aerosoles, which is ironic in that in the US they cost about $35 and here? Substantially more. But maybe I will appreciate them that much more? I AM wearing them today, so that is a start. I realized it's the first pair of shoes I've bought, March? And that may well be a total Karla record.

I'm not bringing ANY jeans to Milan, except a white pair a la Elizabeth Hurley, though in a substantially bigger size. Then it's all just a medley of brown and white, but also a really cute brown and white woven straw hat I got at H&M to sort of finish it off. So I have to weigh the options...nice fluffy hair or cute hat (but with hat hair)? Hmmmm.

I am also going to see about getting my hair cut in Milan. And possibly getting some sort of reparation to the recent damage I did to the color, which is starting to show again with the semi-permanent color wearing off.

It's been 6 weeks or so since I've traveled anywhere. That might be part of why I have been so glum. No trips to look forward to. I need to keep in travel practice. One hard part has been my travel buddies have all moved away, so no girls to jaunt off with anymore. Not like last year.

Oh, and here's a news flash! I just saw an ad on tv for a brand new product, never before available in Norway. All the ads are all touting this "new" product. Guess what it is?

Rice Krispies. New!

Yeah. We are finally getting Rice Krispies. Wonder how much negotiating with the customs folks they had to do to bring THOSE in here.


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