Saturday, May 20, 2006

Live drunk blogging!


Hi y'all!

I'm drunk!

Ooh, i just farted. I made chili for dinnner.

Ok, so I am watching Eurovision with some friends and we are drunk and screaming and watching Eurovision. Oh, I said that already.

Ok, so...I vote for Lithuania. Their song was called "We Are the Winners (of Eurovision)".
And they were and so I voted. Well, I hope they win,. Cuz we all decided they get 12 points for having balls.

Germany ruled also. It was a bunch of Krauts dressed like Texans doing a hoedown song kinda thing. And I'm a tex-kraut and so it ruled. I like them.



Now is Greedce. One of those sincere power ballads. Blagh. The lead singer is bendy, though.

Lesley sez, "It's a bloody good pahty Dahling..!!! Do we really need to see between her legs? Honestly." (referring to the Greek singer chick who did some yoga move.)

SWEET! next comes Finland, the band LORDI, a Christian Zombie death metal, really. HARD. ROCK. HALLELUJAH!

Does this even make sense? who cares. I'm having fun. Oh no, the French band is coming up. The token French girl at our party is going nuts. We need some rope to tie her down.

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