Friday, May 12, 2006

nobody tagged me but I'm NOT bitter.

Nobody tagged me for this meme. I waited and waited, but nobody did. I'm like the nerd girl at the Homecoming Dance that no one asked to dance. (And believe me when I say I *already* know how that feels.) Am I pissed? No. But I hereby offer my hair highlighting services to those of you who did NOT tag me. Hmmph. So there. I stolded it from Bookhart. So, when am I doing your hair, honey pie?

I AM: Karla, a traveler in life.
I WANT: a sense of purpose.
I WISH: everyone would just live and let live.
I HATE: the current state of American politics
I MISS: my little home in Austin
I FEAR: that I won't get to go back there, yet I also fear returning to "normal" life.
I HEAR: the kids splashing in the fountain in the plaza below.
I WONDER: when I will really *get* that the journey is sometimes nothing more than the journey.
I REGRET: that I have never lived alone.
I AM NOT: a nice person. Never claimed to be.
I DANCE: like a Bollywood pole dancer on crack. All arms and ass.
I SING: to the peril and distress of those who hear me.
I CRY: every damn time Sally Field freaks out at the end of "Steel Magnolias" even though I have seen it 100 times.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: right, though I am more often than not. Ahem.
I MADE: my earrings.
I WRITE: as a way to think.
I CONFUSE: myself.
I NEED: understanding and friends.
I SHOULD: work out more.
I START: my period right on time every month.
I FINISH: a beer way too fast.
I TAG: Fofusa (Leslie) because I am worried about where she's at.....

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