Thursday, October 04, 2007

Things that annoy me today, a bullet post

  • GWB
  • Today's cloudy sky
  • My shoes hurt
  • These people at this partner company to ours, for whom I seem to be doing an ungodly amount of work that THEY should be doing but they are too stupid to do themselves. I finally had to send them a nastygram telling them that I don't actually work for THEIR company I work for MINE and they should get their shit together ASAP. (I cc'd it to a boss and he laughed out loud when he read it and was all "Right on!" My rep as a Texas Ass Kicker continues.)
  • When watching "So You Think You Can Dance", all the modern dancers ALWAYS do this one move where she sticks her leg up straight into the air, like standing splits. I am so SICK of that move, I call it the Crotch Shot, and I really don't want to see it again. Ever. Dancing Girls, quit showing me your crotch, I don't care HOW limber and dancey you are.
  • The fact that I picked up a fuzzy sweater today and it got fuzz all over my black pants.
  • The zit in the middle of my cheek. Right on the cheek bone. Ow.
  • My aching back that will NOT stop hurting.
  • My hair is strangely flat today.
  • I am hungry yet nothing appeals.
  • The fact that grocery stores here do not have express lanes, and so me and my litre of milk and one box of cereal had to wait in line behind 5 old ladies with very full carts. And, as I learned to my disgust a few months ago, no, they WON'T let you go ahead if you have just one thing and are in a hurry.
  • Having to pay for grocery bags.
  • Grocery shopping here in general.
  • This one guy on Grey's Anatomy who is just a bit TOO handsome. Like, sorry, dude you are too perfect and you just BUG me.
  • My bracelet that keeps getting caught on everything, including, today, my underwear when I was trying to tuck my shirt in. My hand was stuck in the back of my waist for about 7 minutes and I really thought I would have to come out of the toilet at work and ask someone to extricate my hand from my own ass. I finally managed to get it loose but I was freaking out for a while there. (This once happened to me at a store, as well, and I did have to ask the sales girl for help getting unattached. THAT was embarrassing, literally.)
  • Late trains.

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