Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bush = Dick

Seriously, I am so mad at the president right now.

He spends billions upon billions in Iraq (700 billion) and then vetos a program at home that is meant to help kids get medical care. Kids who are stuck in that wierd gap where they are too rich to be poor but too poor to afford health insurance. In other words, probably NOT kids from Republican families.

He vetos a program that could actually do some good at home, that 70% of Americans support, that would cost maybe 5% (35 billion) of what he is spending in Iraq. Then he justifies raising the spending on a war that no one wants!

He's a frigging idiot. The idea of government 'by the people for the people' is so far gone from American politics it's not even funny.

If you are an American, please sign this. Do it now. You know I don't ask you to do things like this often, but man this really has me het up, you know?

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