Sunday, October 14, 2007

random pictures from prague

a photo Rich took of a headstone. (headstone, get it? ahem, sorry.) It's a beautiful and yet scary image, isn't it?

Me on the tram. (This fall I am REALLY into shades of grey.) I like this picture, mostly because I am just about the WHITEST person I've ever seen. I mean, due to the lack of summer in Norway this year, I got NO sun. My mom, a natural redhead, was teasing me about the whiteness of my legs. My MOM teasing ME about being white? This from a woman who has used self tanning lotion for years, even in the first years it was out and so her legs were always kind of orange? And she's teasing me about being white? I never thought I'd be whiter than my mom.

Me and my friend Mary contemplating the peeing statues in Kampa in Prague. I hope you can get a bit closer on our faces? Because the differences in our expressions is priceless. Very different thought processes going on. There were four ladies sitting on a bench just to my left out of the picture and they were laughing their ASSES off while we took this. It was taken by Mary's husband, Rich buggered off, he was too embarrassed to be seen with me. This, by the way, is a usual occurrence.

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