Monday, October 22, 2007

Blue Norther

Looks like a cold front is movin' into the Austin area.

Oh how I love those Texas Blue Northers. When you can feel the weather change in an hour from hot and muggy to crisp and breezy. Makes me emotional, a bit, to think about it and how I hate to miss one. The feel of change and power and restlessness that comes on the breeze. I always felt like I could hear the trees breathing a sigh of relief as heat left and the cool came in.

It's just cold and wet and grey here in Norway right now. We don't get blue northers here, though we occasionally get windy days and days where rain sweeps through intermittently on changeable skies, making for a very unpredictable day of weather.

There is snow in the forecast for later this week, mixed with rain, but it won't be cold enough for it to stick. Just be slushy and dreary. Sigh.

You Austinites enjoy your Blue Norther. Go for a walk for me, 'k?

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