Monday, October 01, 2007


We had a little gathering on Saturday in honor of my friend Kristin, who is going on a 6 month adventure above the Arctic circle to work at a weather station. She is the most adventurous woman I know (well she and my stepmotherinlaw Colleen, who is also pretty damned adventurous.) I mean, she is going to be in the Arctic for SIX MONTHS. NO shopping, NO trees, NO leaving that place....and did I mention NO SHOPPING??? Wow.

No shopping. I'm sort of stuck there, actually.

My brain is blank. How could anyone not have any shopping for 6 months? Ouch.

But she says they have a bar or two there, so I guess she can drown her sorrows somehow.

I was going to write about the party (it was fun) but now I am really obsessing on the whole idea of not shopping and my mind is blank.

No. Shopping. SIX. MONTHS.


We go to Prague this weekend with some friends for a Pub Extension Tour. Yep, our Friday Pub Gang will be on the loose in a whole 'nuther country. We are already discussing pros and cons of pubs we know there. I am bringing all my hangover cures....I'll need them.

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