Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In which no news is...no news

I hate the fact that I have become a very boring blogger lately. It's mostly due to the fact that there is way more that I can't blog about than I can. The more people discover the blog, the less I feel I can write honestly about stuff. I mean, I can't write much about work because some work people are reading this. (Hello y'all! Love my job! Woohoo!) I don't want to write about girl stuff because I know alot of boys who read this. (I will still write about shoes and dresses, though, so you boys go read about cars or something somewhere when I do.) I can't write about personal stuff because it either makes me uncomfortable or Rich doesn't like it. I don't write about HIS work or other stuff that can get either of us Dooced. We actually have alot going on, just none of it that I can write about.

So I blog about travels or trivial matters or things that happen on a daily basis. Things are going well at work (not to jinx it, but really well and I am damned happy lately in that area). Fall has settled in and it is getting harder and harder to get up in the dark gloomy mornings.
We have been watching 'Heroes' lent to us by Grant and OMFG I am addicted. I finished season three of 'Grey's Anatomy' this weekend and season two of 'House' a couple weeks before. I decided I'd much rather be a patient on Grey's than on House, mostly because of the immense hotness of the men. ( I mean, McSteamy might be a little too perfect, you know? but when he's just wearing a towel, that is some serious yummy right there)(just saw he's married to Rebecca Gayheart, and that's just not fair as that is like the most unrealistically handsome couple I have ever seen) Also, seems like Grey's patients are put through less horrible tests than the ones on House.

This morning I missed my train, though I was sitting on the platform, because I was watching episode one of season 4 of Grey's Anatomy on my iPod and I was so involved I did not hear the train pull up (it snuck up on the platform behind me instead of in front of me like it usually does) and I did not notice it until it was leaving. Damned quiet Norwegian trains. Had to wait another 20 minutes for the next one.

I have put myself on a low carb (not no carb, just low carb) diet and it is frigging KILLING me. I am always hungry and constantly crave snacks. All I want in this WORLD is bread. Or rice. Tortilla chips with my fucking low carb beans. Or a damned donut. (Last night on an episode of 'Heroes' the cop was eating a donut and I swear if I could have jumped through that screen and ripped it out of his hand I would have. Thus making me a Hero, in a way, huh? The screen jumping donut grabbing hero.) Instead I have another hard boiled egg and hope it fills the craving. So far, not so much, though luckily I do like hard boiled eggs more than your average person, it turns out.

Anyhow, low carb sucks. It's been four days now and it still just sucks. I am obviously one of those carb cravers. I am saving Fridays for my Eat Carbs And Go Nuts Day, because that is Waffle Day at work, Beer Night at the Pub, and I am going to have waffles, beer, french fries, pasta and maybe just inject starch right into my veins as well. I get teased at work for my effervescence on Waffle Day, I just loves me the waffles. People email just to tell me that it's waffle day. Then they stand back to watch me go after them in the canteen. (This would also be a reason why I do not have a waffle maker. Well, that and I have a rule that I do not buy kitchen implements that only have one use or make only one thing. So no juicers or waffle makers or deep fryers. My deep fryer also doubles as a slow cooker, rice cooker and something else which I forget.)

Carbs. I miss them. The only thing I refuse to give up, because it means certain death for everyone around me, is my coffee. I like sugar in my coffee and that is that and it won't change and I am NOT giving it up. Hence the LOW carb and not NO carb diet.

Now excuse me whilst I make my dieters tea, that Rich says smells like smelly feet with ass, but that I actually rather like. I think it's peppery. At least, that's what I tell myself.

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