Wednesday, October 17, 2007

just how I roll, 'yo

I decided that I haven't been drinking enough water at work, as all day long I drink coffee and then I get home and I am really thirsty. So this morning I decided that every day, when I get to work, I'll drink a few glasses of water to sort of get going and get some water down the hatch.
So this morning, I got in to the office, went straight to the water tap and drank three glasses of delicious cold Norwegian water. Look at me, bein' all healthy and shit! Then I made my coffee as usual.
Got to my office, sat there gulping my coffee while opening my email, only to discover an email sent officewide titled "WARNING DO NOT DRINK THE WATER" with a link to this article. An article telling us to not drink water from taps, or from coffee makers or from anything but a bottle, basically.
Some times you just can't win.

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