Friday, October 12, 2007

our hotel room in prague

prague october 2007 064.jpg, originally uploaded by karlakp.

Our hotel in Prague was a renovated 13th century monastery. I knew that when I booked it. However, due to some sort of luck (and probably a little bit of Texas charm) the very nice girl at chieck in gave us a SUITE which is the single most incredible hotel room I have ever stayed in. I couldn't believe it when I went in there the first time, I started jumping up and down with glee.

It had painted wooden beam ceilings, parquet floors, a separate bedroom besides the HUGE main room, original gothic archways and doors, three foot thick walls, and all sorts of original features.
The gothic doorway towards the back had old hinges embedded in the wall. The rooms were also tricked out with flat screen tv's and a marble bathroom with a tv embedded in the wall. I mean, really!

I didn't want to leave the hotel, I just wanted to stay there. but we had beer to drink, food to eat and friends to hang out with, so I reluctantly left our amazing crib and wandered out and about Prague.

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