Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Steam train ride in Norway

The cutest little boy ever, ready for his Western Adventure on the steam train.

On Sunday we took a ride with our friends Keith and Gillian on a historic steam train. It's called the Kroderbanen, and it's a very old steam train with old restored cars, all lovingly taken care of and maintained by a very enthusiastic bunch of volunteers.

On Sunday, unbeknown to us, they had a train robbery and Western day planned. At first I was all, "Aw come on, I am FROM the west, been there done that", but honestly, it was really very well done. Norwegians do one helluva western train robbery, let me tell you. (I only laughed hard once, when I learned one character was named "Deadwood Dick". Huh huh huh...Beavis.)

We later found out 600 people showed up for the event, of which about 300 were kids. Kids going absolutely INSANE ALL DAY. It was cute. The robbers ran up and down the carriages, kidnapping ladies and then being chased by sheriffs. They even stopped the train and had a shootout, with really loud blanks and rifles and everything. It was cool.

I was bummed that I did not wear my boots or hat, as I do have both, and this would have been a perfect day for me to indulge my Texanness.

I enjoyed the train ride as well, I could feel the power of that one engine pulling all the cars. It felt very different from the trains I ride every day. The cars were comfortable, spacious and homey. And the countryside was stunningly beautiful. It was all worth the cost, as the day ended up costing about 3 times what I had expected. (Eh, that's Norway, though.)

For lunch we had a picnic by a lake. With a bit of Reisling wine and sandwiches, it was very nice. I posted more pictures below of the day, so check them out.

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