Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I never get used to this

It's like, 55 degrees outside. Fahrenheit, to you Europeans (ok, really just Grant) who bitch that I don't use celcius. The thermometer outside says 12 c.

In August. 55 in August.

I never never never never never never never never NEVER EVER get used to that. In Texas the last weeks of August and into early September are when summer usually gives its full thrust of power, as if to say "I rule this joint and you will just have to SUFFER, bitches!" I sweat and I sweat and that is what August is.

Here, August (usually right around the 24th) is when Fall comes around and says, "Yep, you have been warm (ish) for a while now, but guess what, this is NORWAY and your wearing sandals and no socks is unnatural and I am going to remind you that this is a NORDIC country". Enter cold wind and crisp air.


Anyhow, today I am home from work as everyone is traveling to India (except me) and will be out of touch most of the day. This means I can stay home, visit that old bitch Aunt Flo and do a massive, much needed cleaning of the house. I even went to the store and bought cleaning stuff. Which is still sitting on the kitchen counter as I mess around online instead.

But I promised myself i would be scrubbing by noon...so off I go. Cue dance music.....

Update three hours later: Bedroom is so clean I can lick the floor. Complete washing of all bed linens, and even washed curtains. Master bath is spotless. Rich's bathroom (and why are boys so scary with the bathroom messes?) is now enter-able. I bleached the hell out of it, so at least I know the boy germs are somewhat at bay. (Also nice is that Norwegian bathrooms have drains in the middle of the floor...so you can kind of hose down the bathroom with hot water from the shower sprayer. Instant clean, just spray with cleaner and rinse!) The entrance hall into the flat is clean. Floors scrubbed and washed. Now for the looong hallway and the kitchen. Then put some laundry away (on third load, but it takes, like an hour and a half per load) and later on collapse into nice hot bath in nice clean bathroom.

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