Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hi. I'm back from Poland, which was wonderful.

And there I was, posting about it, when the fire alarm went off in our building, and not just in our building but in our FLAT with LARGE NOISES and FLASHING LIGHTS and so I had to bugger off down the stairs with the rest of the residents of the building (me having just gotten comfy in my not-for-public-viewing nighties, so I threw on what ever I could find to wear that was on the floor, which was NOT a good look for me) to await the fire brigade.

Which never arrived as the fire alarm was, yet again, a false alarm.

I grabbed only my purse, my iPod and my passport as I ran out of the flat, by the way. My neighbors had nothing, she had been taking a nap and her son was all "Dude, I totally was playing XBox!" Poor kid.

But my post went away. What with all the flashing and running and whatever, something happened and the internet turned off. I think? I dunno. But bye bye post.

And I don't especially feel like redoing the post right now.

Work has kicked in to serious overdrive, as well, so I am damned tired. And i had a scary experience at work. I even have a bruise to prove it. Must turn in safety report.

But Poland was wonderful and I had a great birthday.

And in totally unrelated news, I am not so sure that this is what I want my home state known for world-wide. Jeez.

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