Friday, August 31, 2007

Pierogis, in Krakow, Poland

P8190384.JPG, originally uploaded by karlakp.

These are meat filled pierogis. W e had them quite a few times in Krakow. They go very well with beer.

Do you see the little brown bits scattered on top? Looks like fried garlic or something? Well, at first we thought they were fried bits of potato, but the texture was not right for potato, too light, and a little squeaky on the teeth,.

Not garlic. Nor onions. Hmm....

Then I realized what it was. I remember reading about it somewhere. And the flavor agreed with my discovery.

Fried lard. It was crispy bits of lard that they sprinkled over the pierogis. I tried to convince myself it was just like bacon, but I couldn't quite get there, it was a bit TOO piggy tasting, and I sort of lost the nibbly urge after that.

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