Monday, August 13, 2007

International Bender Weekend

This weekend I:
  • Took care of a very drunk Russian.
  • Enjoyed the unforgettable image of a British man smoking an American cigarette using a woman's toes as his cigarette holder.
  • And in case you were wondering, no it was NOT my foot, though I was intrinsic in the cigarette placing and subsequent suggestion that the smoking take place thusly.
  • Why yes, I am the naughty suggestion just waiting to happen. Thanks for asking.
  • Went to a party at the home of a Scot. Who knew he could cook?
  • Was asked to dance by a Norwegian.
  • .....and a Swede.
  • ....and another Brit.
  • Shared in a toast with a Frenchman.
  • Met a guy named Gorgeous.
  • Snapped a photo of a British guy dropping trou. No I won't post it. Yes he was wearing drawers.
  • Drank Norwegian and English beer, Italian, French and German wine, and Russian vodka.
It was almost peaceful getting back to work again after a weekend like that. I'm taking it easy this week, party wise, as on Friday Rich and I go to Poland for my birthday. I hear the vodka is good there.

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