Wednesday, August 15, 2007

in which I give up on summer

Well this summer is, and no pun intended, a total washout.

I mean, holy crap, it's done nothing but rain all summer, day in and day out, and now it's August, and as strange as it sounds to people in The US (especially Texas) it's starting to get chilly around here. A friend of mine yesterday (as we sat outside, covered in the blankets that most outdoor cafes provide, huddled under an umbrella that is optimistically there for the sun, but also offers waterproofing) said that 'summer was over', and I sort of believe her, depressing as that is.

It's about 56 degrees out there. And raining. And grey. Think of the dreariest fall day and you got it. Horrible. And it's such a disappointment, because honestly, the most good days you can possibly get in Norway in summer is about 60, spread out from early June to mid (if you are lucky) September. 60 days of glorious warmth and sun, if all is perfect. (A perfect Norwegian summer day is a true thing of beauty, and missing out on them is told you are getting a puppy for Christmas and being handed stinky road kill instead. Disappointing as hell. And last summer was truly lovely, so I got spoiled and I Want More.)

This year, we had some nice days in early June, then....shit. Raining, pissing, chilly, sad and dreary. So the 60 possible days dwindled and dwindled until now? Well, all we can do is hope for some nice 'late summer days', which HAVE happened before, but I am not too hopeful.
I'm thinking, given that I have proven my mystical sway over space, time and weather, (remember I bought a floor fan and deck chair and then it started raining? I am VERY SORRY Norway!) that I am going to give in and buy some sort of plastic-y sports jacket, which I honestly detest. I am just NOT a sports clothes kind of gal, and those plastic hooded jackets with the multi colors and drawstrings, etc. just don't work with my style. However, I am considering getting one (hoping I can find a basic black one) as I am tired of schlepping around a drippy umbrella everywhere. I am thinking, once I give in and break my own fashion rule, that the sun will come out, negating my purchase and causing me to be the Saviour of Summer 2007.

And if that doesn't work, well, at least I have a damned rain jacket.

In other news, I've been given a little video of the NIN concert, with footage of Trent, me dancing, etc., and I am going to see about posting it on YouTube (something i have not yet attempted) so that you can see me rawkin' out with 1000 crazed Vikings. At very least, good for a laugh. And yeah, it rained that day as well.

Postscript two hours later:
Looked for a rain jacket, found one that was minimally acceptable Hate those horrible shapeless things and will hold out for Krakow and see if maybe there is something there that I can tolerate.

The day is so crappy that I am calling a Soup Day and making tortilla soup. sometimes you just have to drown your sorrows in soupy goodness.

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